Although a wedding theme is not genuinely necessary, it can definitely help you organize your special day a lot easier. Of course, every detail of your wedding will revolve around the venue, whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding will definitely play a huge role in the decision making process. Below you discover numerous tips on how to determine the best wedding themes that are suitable for your personality and preferences.

Envelop the Environment into the Theme

There are many things that a couple will expect from their entire wedding event, which is romance. This is imminent in all ceremonies, but what about the rest? Well, it is definitely important to pull the exterior environment into the theme. You may question, “How is this possible”. Well, it is a very simple step that does not require a lot of extra endeavors. Visit the venue and take a good look around, before you start the decision process. This will allow you the opportunity to see the setting and its surroundings, so that you can get the feel of what to expect from the event. Greenery, floral, wood, lighting, water, colors, and the building structure can be enveloped into the theme.
Forming a Vision
Before you dig deep into the process of designing your wedding, it is imperative that your form a basic vision for the finalized product. It is possible to do this, by forming a foundation and a basic theme. For instance, you can select a beach setting, or a classic wedding theme. Either way, making this crucial selection will ensure that the rest of the decisions follow suite and stick to a similar style. Every little piece of décor, your music and color scheme should all stick closely to your basic theme. By following this simple rule, you will be able to keep everything harmonized and working in conjunction, with one another.
Floral Arrangements

It is vital that you select a specific flower or floral arrangement and stick with it. Use this arrangement throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception. For instance, if you select sunflower, as your primary flower, you will need to incorporate it into the table centerpiece, invitations, bouquets, place cards, seat décor, and cake arrangement. This will keep the scene and color scheme throughout, so that nothing appears out of the ordinary.

Replicate Your Parent’s Wedding

Many couples, especially women are pulled toward the memories of their parent’s wedding. If your parents were married during the mid-century era, you should consider consolidating this into your wedding themes. Your parents can surely sit down and tell you about the good ole’ days and how they spent their time at the local diner. They listened to their favorite tunes on the diner jukebox and danced the days away.

You can replicate these precious memories into your ceremony, by renting a jukebox. Place it in the reception area, so that everyone can listen to the tunes of the 50’s and 60’s. Use the classic vinyl record, as one of your primary decorative items. Request that your guest wears their favorite bebop outfits and rolled-up pants cuff, which will get everyone in the mood to celebrate.

The Fairy Tale Wedding

During your childhood, it is likely that you remember enjoying a variety of different fairy tales. These stories were enjoyable and likely filled your mind with plenty of romanticism. If you wish to incorporate these tales into your wedding, it is actually fairly easy to do so. You and your partner should play the role of the characters from these fairy tales. Make sure that you’re able to find that magic slipper that fits perfectly! With a ballroom and a carefully selected orchestra, you’ll be able to play the part to perfection and escape with Prince Charming, at the end of the wedding!

Simplicity Themes

Not everyone is looking to have a wedding extravaganza, instead they prefer simplicity. You can still have a romantic, lovely ceremony and reception, without the need of going overboard on the décor and dress. This is not to say that you cannot have a beautiful wedding, only that you do not want it to be outlandish. If you have a shy or quiet personality, this style will work better for you, because it does not draw a huge focus on the event, but it will allow you to peacefully and quietly enjoy your special day.

Culture Themes

Every family has a history and a culture that they choose to integrate into their weddings. It is necessary to follow the family tradition, so that everyone is happy. You can still have a little fun in this wedding theme, since you can throw in some little tidbits that will personalize the event. The ceremony will be cultured fully, but you can decorate at will. While this may or may not be suitable, will be based on how strict the cultures are, but many are very flexible, as long as the culture is assimilated into the theme.

Medieval Themes

If you are looking for a way to add mystery and conundrum into your wedding theme, you should consider a medieval idea. This can definitely add enjoyment and excitement into the planning process. You options will be limitless, as long as you stick with the medieval décor. You should be able to score on some medieval wine glasses, attire, vases, and banners at your local thrift shops or on the Internet. The rest, you can design and style yourself, which will surely impress everyone.
A Southern Jamboree
Some brides and grooms aren’t interested in arranging a massive, lavish and extravagant wedding. Instead, they want something with a little southern hospitality. Suffice to say, a little southern jamboree can be tons of fun, especially for a couple from the south. This is one of the most affordable wedding themes, which can be put together fairly easy. Using red and white checkered tablecloths and some hay bales will work wonders. At the same time, you will want to consider choosing a nice outdoor environment, where everyone will be able to enjoy the southern air. Lastly, don’t forget about incorporating a dance floor, where everyone will be able to boogie down!
Urban Wedding Theme
If you’re a Yankee and want to incorporate this into your wedding, you should consider tossing an urban ceremony! There are plenty of fun ideas that can be used and the best aspect is likely your venue. Nothing is more spectacular than holding your wedding on your rooftop. Traditional wedding venues can be romantic, but urban environments are unique, fun and especially memorable. If you cannot secure a rooftop, you might be able to find room in a skyscraper. The view is well worth the effort, but you’ll need to scale down some floors, before you can escape into the limousine at the end of the night.
Beach Wedding Themes
While it is true those beach themes aren’t necessarily unique, they can still be attractive and extremely comforting. The beach provides everyone with a little relaxation and peace of mind. Listening to the waves crashing into the beach is always enjoyable and your guests will love it. You do not have to live near a beach to have this type of wedding theme you can always bring the sand, seashells, and water to you. Of course, the outdoors is necessary, but you can turn your back yard into a beach scene very easily.
Going Traditional
There are many brides and grooms, who will find comfort in tradition. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this and following tradition is an essential part of marriage. Still, this doesn’t mean that the wedding has to be a bore. Instead, you can still have a lavish wedding, while keeping everything classy. Just make sure that you find a nice, large church venue and a classy white dress. Just remember that this day should be yours and it is imperative to deviate a little from the traditions, in order to add a little of yourself to the big day!
Floral Wedding Themes
If you’re looking for something unique, stylish and fun, you can pull it off, with a lavish floral wedding. Suffice to say, you should make sure that you don’t have allergies, because this type of theme will incorporate a tremendous amount of flowers. You can use the floral arrangements throughout the venue including above the walkway and tables. Now only will this create shade, but it’ll provide the venue with added beauty. Overall, this is a beautiful arrangement that works best for outdoor weddings.
At the end of the day, it is imperative to experiment with many different ideas, before you settle on one specific theme. However, you should not be afraid to stray from the path and use the best of several different themes to your liking. The truth of the matter is that the wedding doesn’t need to satisfy anyone, except for you and your significant other. Therefore, you should get crazy and have fun during the planning process!