During the preplanning process, most couples do not give much thought to the wedding chair slipcovers, but as the special day nears, it becomes apparent that they are a necessity. It is imperative to use your creative mind and resources to pull off this task off. You will surely want to match the slipcovers with your table napkins and other wedding décor. Below you will discover tips on how to choose an elegant slipcover design, so that your guest will be comfortable and totally impressed with your artsy style.

Picking the Chair

Unsurprisingly, there is a wide range of different wedding chairs to choose from, which can make the choice a little more difficult. It is imperative to make sure that you choose the appropriate chair slipcovers, depending on your selection of chair. In order to make sure that your guests remain comfortable throughout the event, you need to ensure that their chairs are comfortable and relaxing. Below, you will find the specific types of chairs that are generally used for weddings.
• Banquet
• Folding
• Lifetime

Each of these chair types is capable of being tremendously comfortable and stylish, when used in conjunction with the appropriate covers. When selecting banquet chairs, you’ll need to remember that they’re available with a round or square top. Be sure to choose the slipcover accordingly.

Elastane Covers

The elastane slipcover is constructed of spandex lycra. These slipcovers offer much convenience, because they easily slide over the top of the chair and fit snug in place. They come equipped with elastic foot pockets, which are designed just like a pocket to fully envelop the leg and foot perfectly. This will prevent the slipcover from becoming loosened after several uses, which would be a major embarrassment for the bride and groom, especially, if you are trying to cover up ugly chairs. The great benefits of purchasing these chair slipcovers is that they offer easy up (machine washable), extended usage, and affordability.

Loose Drop Chair Covers

These covers tend to be readily available and are more frequently utilized. Whether you’re attempting to follow trends or build your own, you’ll be able to do so, with these chair covers. Since they hang on the chair loosely, it is possible to slip them on easily. At the same time, they’re astoundingly durable and capable of lasting several weddings, if you wish to pass them down to your offspring for his or her special day! If you want to add a little bit of elegance to the arrangement, it is possible to tie a sash around the finished piece. Remember that these covers are available in an assortment of different fabrics including cotton and even silk! Make sure to choose a fabric that will keep your guests comfortable, while adding beauty to your wedding.

Fitting like a Glove

Remember that chair slipcovers are very similar to the attire of the bride and groom. Everything should fit to perfection. If your chair covers are simply too small or too big, you’re going to be facing problems. By choosing covers that are too big, the fabric will hang down too far, which could flood the walkway and cause a slip hazard. At the same time, choosing covers that are simply too small will cause even more problems, since this would leave a certain portion of the chair exposed. In order to ensure that your guests are safe and your venue is as stylish as possible, you will want to reassure that your seat covers fit like a snug glove.

Matching your Color Scheme

During the initial stages of your wedding, it is likely you spent a tremendous amount of time trying to set up the basics for your special day. During this phase, you likely picked a color scheme. With the appropriate color arrangement, it is possible to set an overall mood for your wedding, which can help to keep the attention on the bride and groom, at all times. With this in mind, it is imperative to make sure that everything matches perfectly with your overall color scheme and this includes your wedding seat covers. Make sure that your covers match and don’t look awkward or out of place. This will help to enhance the stylish, instead of bringing it down

Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

It is vital that you make those slipcover wrinkles disappear. This may be a very time consuming task, but it is imperative for their overall appearance. Wrinkles can definitely be unappealing, so you need to find the quickest and easiest way get rid of them. There are innumerable wrinkle releaser products on the market that works very well, but if you truly want to see your slipcovers wrinkle-free, you will most likely have to press or iron them. You can always drop them off at your local dry cleaning shop, but this can be quite expensive, so it is best to avoid this route all together. Ironing is going to be your option, but it will be time consuming, since it is necessary to iron each slipcover, but when you place them on the banquet chairs and see how wonderful they look, you will definitely be glad that you took the time to make those wrinkles disappear.

An Arrangement of Different Colors

Rest assured that these covers are available in a wide range of different colors. Still, most people will opt for ivory, white or cream. Although these tend to be the most popular, it is important to use the information above and ensure that your color selection suits your color scheme. Most professional wedding planners recommend that you match the chair covers with the table linens. Either way, it is also possible to select several different colors, or a few different shades of one color. At the end of the day, it is your wedding and you should choose accordingly!

Add Sashes

If you’re looking to add a bit of elegance to your wedding décor, you will want to consider purchasing sashes for your wedding chairs. Although it is possible to use the covers, without a sash, this additional item is capable of adding a bit of class to the arrangement in a subtle manner. Remember that these are available in an assortment of different colors and materials, which will ensure that you adorn your chairs perfectly.

Use Ribbons

If you want to spice up your wedding and add a bit of fun and excitement, you should consider adding ribbons to your chairs. With this type of décor, it is possible to show off a lighthearted side and have a little fun. Make sure that you choose ribbons that match your current style and most important, your personality. It is possible to allow the ribbon to flow from the back of the chair. Otherwise, you can tie them up in a stylish bow.

Beautiful Flower Bouquets

By using flowers, it is possible to add a bit of romance to your wedding’s décor. If you choose the appropriate bouquet of flowers, it is possible to match your chair’s covers immaculately. For instance, if you’re choosing red silk, you should consider going with red roses. Either way, the flowers can be hung from the back of the chairs. This also gives each guest a special set of flowers that they’ll be able to take home with him or her, after the wedding has ended.

Personalize With Signs

Uniqueness and charm is highly important, when you are decorating your wedding chairs. There is nothing that says personality, humor, and style than chair signs. These signs can easily be placed and hung over the back of the chair. Get creative and personalize your very own signs, with your favorite wedding or romantic quotes. Many couples prefer the vintage look, but this does not say that you cannot use the wedding chair signs with a modern style wedding décor. Use ribbon, rope, or burlap string to secure the sign onto the chair, which will make it look like it belongs there.

Tag the Chairs

Get creative and design some chair tags, which will provide your guests with a unique way of knowing where to set. This will personalize each individual guest seat, so that no one will have to go searching for their reserved place. Not only will this idea impress your guests, but it will show them that you truly appreciate their presence.

Buy or Rental

At the end of the day, your budget is going to play a major role in the selection process. With this in mind, you should consider, whether you’re interested in buying the sashes, or renting them. By making a permanent purchase, you will be able to pass the items down from generation to generation. At the same time, rentals can be very advantageous, since they’re generally much less expensive. At the same time, the covers are fairly inexpensive. So, you might be better off renting the chairs and purchasing the covers. Either way, you should rest assured that you have plenty of options, at your disposal.


Now that you know everything you need to know about chair slipcovers, you should be able to perfectly add a little bit of elegance to the overall décor of your wedding. Remember that you need to match the color scheme, choose fitting covers and have fun with it! This is your special day and you should make sure that everything caters your own unique needs.