Are you interested in adding a bit of modernism, elegance and beauty to your overall wedding arrangement and décor? Obviously, there are a tremendous number of different ways to make this happen, but it is vital to assure that you put a bit of your own personality into the event. Since this is going to be one of the most spectacular and memorable days of your entire life, it is inevitable that you’ll want everything to be perfect. Sure, the major details will be settled away quickly, but there are some minor details that could make or break your wedding. For instance, you will want to consider adding chair sashes to your wedding chairs. Below, you’ll learn about these luxurious wedding accessories.

About Chair Sashes

In basic terms, these accessories are not anything complicated or extravagant, but they are capable of adding beauty to your chairs. They’re actually available in an astounding number of fashions, colors and styles. With this in mind, you’ll need to consider the overall style and theme of your wedding, before you choose your sashes. These can be used, with or without a chair cover. At the same time, they can be tied in bows, knots, or they can be left hanging freely. The options are plentiful and you should experiment, until you find the arrangement that sparkles.

Attracting the Eye

When using a sash, with a chair cover, it is possible to work wonders. In fact, you’re able to create an optical illusion of sorts, by using two singular colors. Depending on your particular wedding setup, it is possible to use complimentary colors, such as yellow and purple, or orange and blue. This is capable of attracting the eyes of your guests. If you wish to focus everyone’s eyes on the bride and groom, you can ensure that their chairs are the only ones, which are equipped with complimentary colors. This will help to make the bride and groom feel special during the entire wedding.

Being Creative

Of course, it is always important to be creative, when you are amid planning your wedding. Every couple works together to create a wedding scene like no other, but if you want to be creative and add pizazz to your chair slipcovers, you should consider a chair tie. All you need is a large piece of satin or silk material. Wrap the fabric around the chair and pull it back and form a rosette. Once it is tied into a rosette, you will be surprised with how gorgeous these wedding sashes are and it will surely impress everyone.

No Mixing and Matching

Although you want to use your creativity as much as possible, you should refrain from getting a little too crazy. This can cause a major disconnect between each of your ornaments and displays. With this in mind, it is vital to assure that your wedding ornaments, décor and sashes are all coordinated in unison. At the same time, it is extremely effective to make sure that you do not deviate between each of your sashes. It is helpful to stick with similar colors across all of your chairs. If you wish to change the appearance of the bride and groom’s chair, this is a possibility, but make sure to limit the differentials!

Use Ribbons

In actuality, it is possible to use a wide variety of different materials, when adoring your chairs, with sashes. For instance, you can actually choose to use ribbons. Almost everyone is familiar with ribbons and has likely used them at some point or another. Ribbons are beautiful, whether you’re allowing them to hang free or wish to tie them into a bow. At the same time, it will be possible to use the ribbons, as a way to coordinate with your wedding’s décor and the style of your guests. This can be done, by allowing your female guests to style their hair with similar ribbons to that of your chair sashes.

Lace Embroidered Fabric

Wedding sashes do not have to be tied into the traditional bow instead you can create your very own sash design. A simple technique that can add elegance to your slipcover is the lace-embroidered fabric, which can easily be draped over the front of the chair and pulled back to the center back, then tied into a loose, hanging bow. Add a string of pearls to the center of the bow and you will have yourself a masterpiece. This is perfect for a rustic, beach, or an era themed wedding. You will most likely be limited on the colors of the fabric, because ivory and white will be your only choices.

Hanging Memories

Truthfully, it is possible to pull off some amazing things, when using sashes on your chairs. One possibility is using your sashes, as a hanger. In this regard, you can tie the sash into a bow and allow it to hang in the center. After this, you can take pictures of each and every one of your old pals and family members. By hanging their pictures on their chairs, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone. This is true, since you can use childhood pictures and put a smile on their faces. At the same time, everyone will know exactly where to sit, once they see their own pictures.

Adding Romanticism

Everyone wants to assure that their wedding day is filled with plenty of romance. With the appropriate chair sashes, it will be possible to add a tremendous amount of romance to this special day. In order to do this, you should make sure to use a sheer overlay, which has been ruffled in the center. With the right colors, this will help to emit a romantic vibe.

A More Modern Approach

If you wish to take a more modern approach to the situation, you will want to consider tying the sash on one side of the chair. This works very well, if you’re using a wide sash, which comes together on the side, with a bow. For a cool and unique look, it is possible to tie the bows on different sides of the chairs.

Organza Sash

Now it is time to have some fun with decorating. You can transform those ugly, original foldup chairs into a gem, with an organza sash. This design and technique will not require a rocket scientist to pull it off, because with a little practice, you and your bridesmaids will be able to create it in a matter of minutes. Just wrap the silk fabric over the entire top, back of the chair. Draw the material together and simple pull the end of the material through the opening. Once this is complete, you can add a small bouquet of flowers, which will set off the design beautifully.

Burlap Sash

Burlap fabric is affordable and provides the most antiquity feel and appearance, which is highly desirable. These wedding sashes creation can be pulled off, without the need of being a genius. This will only work with beautiful wedding chairs, unless you are using slipcovers. Cut the 4”wide burlap material into 4-5’ length pieces, so that you can easily go down the line and complete each chair, without interference. Wrap the material around the upper chair back, but do not cover the top, then tie it into a knot, while leaving a large piece of the material dangling down towards the ground. Use burlap string and tie a seashell onto the knot, so that it will conceal it from visibility.

Ruffling the Skirt

Another unique way to add a cool style to your chairs is to use a ruffled skirt approach. With this type of arrangement, you will want to make sure to use chair sashes, which are ruffled and wrinkled. Then, you will actually want to attach them to the seat of the chair and allow them to hang to the ground. This gives off a romantic feeling, which resemble a ballerina.

Spandex Sash

If you are using spandex slipcovers to conceal your wedding chair’s appearance, you should consider a spandex sash. This will definitely add charm to that slipcover and it is a very simple design to achieve. The spandex fabric should be available in numerous colors, so you will not be forced to steer away from your color scheme. You will need to cut the fabric into 6” W x 4’ L pieces, so that you can easily apply them to the chair. Once the fabric is cut to the desired length and width, you will be ready to get to work. Simply drape the material over the upper front of the chair, draw the excess material back toward you, and then tie it into a knot. Allow the excess to flow to the ground. Add a single rose to the knot, so that it is hidden from view. This is a very simple wedding sash idea that will work for any theme.


When it comes down to it, your possibilities are innumerable. Although each of the techniques mentioned above can be used, it is best to choose one that is most suitable for your particular wedding. Once you see the one that is right for you, it’ll touch you in all of the right spots. From there, you’ll know that you have the special sashes for your wedding!