Throughout the years, lanterns have been used for various purposes. In today’s times, lantern wedding centerpieces are tremendously common and very beautiful! When planning your wedding, you will want to make sure to explore the various options available to you! Lanterns should not be ignored. By relying on these items, you will be able to add light and beauty to your centerpieces in a beautiful way. So, what do you need to know, in order to get started? Below, you will be provided with all there is to know about these awesome decorative items.

A Little About Lanterns

Throughout the years, lanterns have been used for numerous reasons. First, they were used to help provide light. Typically, this was done with a candle placed in the center. In today’s time, they’ve become much more decorative. Still, it is entirely possible to use the item with a candle. These items can be created with many different materials and are available in numerous shapes, colors and sizes. With this in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll have an assortment of different options to play around with. This will allow you to find something that is completely unique for your own wedding.

For Formal Weddings

When attempting to put together a beautiful formal and classic wedding, it is vital to follow this pattern throughout all of your decorations. Your wedding dress should be white and classic. On the other hand, you will want to make sure that you choose a centerpiece that is also white, classic and elegant. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use a lantern! Remember that these items are available in thousands of different styles and colors. You can rest assured, because they’re available in white too!

Once you’ve gotten yourself a very adorable lantern, there are plenty of things that you can do with it. Obviously, you’ll want to make sure that you take the time to choose a nice candle to go inside. By doing this, you will be able to use the item, as it was intended, while also adding it to your centerpiece. On the outside, you will want to use items of a similar color to bring everything together. By changing the color, you could adopt the same principle for other wedding themes, as well.

Black Rustic Iron Lantern

The lantern will make the perfect centerpiece for a 1920’s or country themed wedding. You will need to find a black rustic iron lantern that suits your needs and preferences you can find these at home décor or craft shops. Check out your local thrift shops, because these items will occasionally hit the shelves. Start by purchasing your items, which includes:

• LED cylinder candle light
• Roses
• Green moss
• 2” Thick oval flat slice of tree bark
• Artificial angel vine
• Clear glue
You will start this project, by placing the lantern on top of the flat oval wood and then place the candle inside of it. If the lantern does not have a top that opens, you may want to go ahead and turn the candle on, because the battery should be sufficient for about 3-4 hours burn time. Take the artificial vine and wrap it around the lantern and stick a flower around each side of the lantern. You may need to glue them into place, but only use a dab or two of glue, because you do not want it to be visible.

Tear off small pieces of moss and lay it on top of the wood, but make it look like it is natural. Glue it in place and you will be done with this project. Set them on your reception tables and place artificial angel vine bird nests with artificial eggs next to them. Everyone will adore your black rustic iron lantern centerpiece.

Adorable Beach Centerpieces

When attempting to plan a beach wedding, you probably don’t believe that you’ll be able to use this item in the centerpiece. This is a major mistake! Remember that lanterns are very versatile and you will ultimately be able to find one that matches your beach wedding to perfection. When attempting to choose one for your beach wedding, it is essential to find one that is fairly basic. Try to find a lantern that has a steal edge and not much else. The rest of the lantern should be entirely glass. This will ensure that you’ll be able to decorate the inside beautifully and it’ll be visible for everyone to see!

After you’ve gotten this item, you will want to fill the bottom with some adorable river stones. It is possible to use water beads too, but the river stones will work better for your beach wedding. After this, you will want to toss a nice candle inside and you’re finished! Overall, this is a completely easy centerpiece to throw together and it’ll work well for your upcoming beach wedding!

Copper Top Lantern Floral Centerpiece

A copper top lantern may be a little difficult to find at your local shops, so do a bit of research on the Internet, before you give up on this project. There are several other items that you will need, as well. Below you will discover a short list of supplies that you will need to purchase.

• ¾” Piece of smooth plywood
• Copper top lantern
• LED cylinder candle light
• Array of flowers
• Wood glue
• Staple gun (if you do not have access to a staple gun, you can also substitute it with small nails and a hammer)
• Soil
The first step of this project is to cut out the plywood to the perfect size. In order to determine the measurements, you will need to place the lantern into the center of the plywood and mark out the measurements, in each corner. Take a ruler, draw a straight line from each mark, and then use a circular saw to cut out the perfect square.

The next step to make the sides of the box, by using the same length, as the square, but make the height no more than 4” and remember you will need 4 pieces for the sides. Go ahead and glue all of the pieces together, then follow up with the stapling, because it will make the box much stronger.

Place the lantern into the center of the box and pour the soil into the area between the lantern and sides of the wood. Place in your flowers and your centerpiece will be complete.


Overall, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different centerpieces that could be used for your wedding. Still, there is definitely something adorable about lanterns. Once you’ve seen how they look with a candle inside, you will definitely want to consider adding beautiful lantern wedding centerpieces to your wedding’s tables. By doing this, you will not be able to fail and your guests will be drawn in! They will not be able to ignore the adorable centerpiece that you’ve chosen for your wedding!