Are you going to be hosting your wedding around the Christmas holidays? If this is the case, you will want to incorporate Christmas wedding centerpieces into the décor! Since your wedding is going to coincide with this time of the year, it is vital to make sure that you do not ignore the holidays! Your guests will appreciate the gesture greatly and you will have a beautiful centerpiece. What more could you ask for? Of course, the process isn’t so simple, since there are numerous Christmas centerpieces to choose from. Below, you will find guidance for making the right choice.

Holly Berry Lantern Centerpiece

A Christmas celebration would not be Christmas, without holly berries. This is a fun little project that you will enjoy doing, especially so, because it is a festive décor. Collect your items, which include:

• White lantern
• White LED light cylinder candle
• Holly berries
• White floral wire
Just place your lantern onto a clean surface and sit the candle inside of it. You will take a pod of the holly berries and attach them to the top of the lantern, by using the white wire. Pull some of the berries and leafs off of the holly plants and then lay them on the inside of the lantern, be sure to scatter them all the way around the candle. Your beautiful centerpiece is now complete and if you want to add a seasonal décor to the mixture, you can scatter the holly berries on top of the table.

The Cherry Floating Candle

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the holidays into your wedding is to rely on colors, which are associated with this time of the year! Everyone knows that reds and greens are a vital aspect of Christmas. With this in mind, you should consider creating a cherry centerpiece. The process isn’t very difficult and you’ll be able to put it together within a short period of time. Once you’re ready to begin, you’re going to need an assortment of different items.

For starters, you’ll need a good bucket load of cherries. After this, you’ll need to get yourself some floating candles and candle vases. The vases should be three individual sizes. This will help to make the overall display much more interesting to the eye. After you’ve gotten everything you need, it is time to begin putting it together. First, you’ll want to add all of the cherries to the vase. Once it is has been filled up to the brim, you will be able to insert the candle and you’re finished.

If you want to make this decoration a little more beautiful, you will be able to do so fairly easily. All you need to do is purchase a clear circle acrylic that will fit each of your vases! It is vital to have one for each vase. You should also make sure that they are the same height. Once a portion of the cherries has been added, you can insert the acrylic to create a gap. After this, you can add the rest of the cherries for a cooler display. Overall, this will look awesome for your Christmas wedding.

Using Christmas Decorations

During this time of the year, you should think about using Christmas decorations in your wedding’s centerpiece. This is entirely simple and won’t take more than a few minutes. So, what do you need other than decorations? Well, you’re going to need a nice vase! Make sure that the vase will be able to hold a handful of Christmas bulbs at the same time. Be sure that your bulbs match your wedding’s overall color scheme.

By following this formula, you will be able to create a beautiful decoration that is entirely effortless to pull off. Of course, it will also be sure to impress your guests and it’ll reflect the holiday excellently.

Tin Can Snowman Centerpiece

A Christmas wedding theme is the most exciting of all, because this is the most festive time of the year. The tin coffee can snowman centerpiece is a wonderful project that anyone can accomplish, without the need of artistic skills. Start by collecting your items:

• 4 Tin cans (you can get these from coffee or vegetable cans, but make sure they all range in size from small to ex-large, because you are going to be stacking them on top of each other)
• White oil based spray paint
• Black oil based spray pain
• Plastic candy canes
• Red felt material
• 3 Large black buttons
• 2 Medium sized black buttons
• Orange construction paper
• Large plastic lid (use the lid off of the largest can for this item)
• Clear glue
The first step is to paint all of the cans except the smallest one with the white spray paint and the smallest one with the black. Sit them aside and let them dry completely. Grab the felt material and cut out a strip 3” W x 16” L, then cut fringes into the end of the strip. Cut a carrot shaped nose out of the construction paper and then check to see if the cans are dry.

If the cans are dry, you will need to take the largest can and place it upside down on the table. Grab the medium sized can and put glue all the way around the lip and sit it perfectly in the center of the large can. You may need to apply pressure, until it sets. Follow the same sequence with the all of the white cans, but not the black can.

Cut the lip off of the plastic lid, but make sure that you get a perfectly smooth cut, because this will be used as the brim of the hat. If you want, you can use a vinyl record for the brim, instead of the lid. Place glue on the top of small white can and place the lid on top of it, but make sure that it is evenly set.

Place the black can top side up, on the top of the black lid, but glue it into place and then glue the large buttons on the second can from the bottom. Follow up by gluing on your scarf, eyes, and carrot nose and top it off, by placing your candy canes inside the hat. Your tin snowman centerpiece is complete.


When attempting to plan your wedding, it is vital to take every little detail in account! If your wedding is going to be scheduled around the holidays, you will want to make sure to use Christmas wedding centerpieces. They will be able to provide you with a totally beautiful decorative item that will be sure to stun all of your guests. However, you shouldn’t overthink the process! As long you and your partner are happy, your wedding day will be an overwhelming success!